Breakfasts on the trail will include instant oatmeal (maple & brown sugar and apple cinnamon), several Mountain House freeze-dried egg scrambles (with bacon and with ham & red & green peppers) and breakfast skillet, and some Backpacker’s Pantry huevos rancheros.

Three Sets of Breakfasts

Three Sets of Breakfasts

Lunches will primarily consist of Backpacker Pantry’s sides. Some days we can take a longer break to prepare a hot lunch (several full meals included), and some we can just add cold water and keep hiking. In addition, we’ll have plenty of snacks to fuel us through the day. Sides include cold pasta salad cold potato salad, and baco cheddar mashed potatoes.

Mostly Cold Sides for Lunch

Mostly Cold Sides for Lunch

My dinner menu includes a variety of Backpacker’s Pantry meals with no repetition:

Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Italian Style Beef Sauce over Pasta, Chili Mac with Beef, Tomato Chipotle Pasta with Chicken, Rice with Chicken, Stroganoff Sauce with Beef and Noodles, Pad Thai, Santa Fe Style Rice with Chicken, Mexican Style Rice with Beef, Shepherd’s Potato Stew with Beef

Dinner on the Wonderland

Dinner on the Wonderland

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