Trip Report

Our original itinerary was 7/1/14-7/12/14, going clockwise from Longmire: Devil’s Dream, Klapatche, Golden Lakes, Mowich Lake, Dick Creek, Granite Creek, Sunrise, Summerland, Indian Bar, Nickel Creek, Paradise River

We changed our itinerary while on the trail to finish a day early and take our time going up into Summerland and beyond. So, going clockwise from Longmire:

7/1/14: Longmire to Devil’s Dream

7/2/14: Devil’s Dream to Klapatche

7/3/14: Klapatche to Golden Lakes

7/4/14: Golden Lakes to Mowich Lake

7/5/14: Mowich Lake to Dick Creek (via Isput Pass)

7/6/14: Dick Creek to Granite Creek

7/7/14: Granite Creek to White River (stopping in Sunrise Park for beer and snacks!)

7/8/14: White River to Summerland

7/9/14: Summerland to Indian Bar

7/10/14: Indian Bar to Maple Creek

7/11/14: Maple Creek to Longmire


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